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Coworking at Workspace – Q & A

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  With Coworking spaces opening and expanding around the world, more and more professionals are choosing a collaborative work environment instead of a private space. Try Coworking free for a week at any of our Workspace Atlantic locations. Definition of Coworking co-work·ing                 ˌkōˈwərkiNG/ noun the use of an office or other working environment by people … Continue reading Coworking at Workspace – Q & A

Why is Coworking exploding?

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Coworking in a shared well-appointed working environment is attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, and for those who travel frequently who often end up working in relative isolation.  Working independently, but with others who share similar values, coworking offers a cost effective solution for freelancers, while at the same time letting them escape the distractions of home. Workspace locations offer flexible … Continue reading Why is Coworking exploding?

Workspace Atlantic’s Flexible Private Office Packages

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There are many factors to consider when searching for your new office space.  Workspace Atlantic’s flexible Private Office packages include everything, reducing your stress when expanding or relocating. All offices at Workspace Atlantic are completely Turn-key. All you need is your computer and files and you are ready to start. No extra hassles setting up … Continue reading Workspace Atlantic’s Flexible Private Office Packages

We made the list!

by workspace We are so thrilled to have made Nomad Capitalist list of the best co-working spaces in Canada. Check out the link above for the full article!

Do you work nights and weekends? 24/7 Co-working Space is now available!

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Workspace Atlantic has introduced 24/7 Unlimited Co-working Memberships, allowing our Executive Members a space to be more productive at all times. This Membership is perfect for all Creative types, Consultants, Software Developers, Designers, Writers, Translators, Photographers and more. With modern amenities and workstations, storage and café on site and document center, you can become more … Continue reading Do you work nights and weekends? 24/7 Co-working Space is now available!

Congrats, Eric!

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Eric Martin was the lucky winner of a 3 month complimentary Charter Co-working-Unlimited Membership. Eric and his classmates from CCNB Dieppe stopped by Workspace Moncton this week to see the benefits of Co-working for students and young entrepreneurs. We cannot wait to see the success your future holds, Eric!